To New Beginnings….

Everyday I am honored to be educating at a time where the online environment is fresh, and where a marketplace of ideas can coalesce to try and fall on some sort of optimal pedagogy.  With every turn of the calendar there are new ideas to build upon new ideas.  We are creating a world from scratch, using old principles where possible and throwing out antiquated notions where necessary. 

This is the exciting world we live in, one ripe with potential.  I hope to play some small role, sharing my new ideas that maybe others can improve on, and building on other ideas with a fresh perspective. 

I am blessed to be the Program Director of an Online Graduate Program, so I am able to experiment and build off of an entire system of ideas, not limited to my own as I have many colleagues that I am blessed to be able to bounce ideas off of to come to what we consider a great idea.  But one thing is for certain, we are in an experimental and developmental stage in online education development and I encourage everyone to always challenge existing ideas and always look for ways to improve.

About onlinetaxprof

My name is Jason Fiske and I am the Program Director of Thomas Jefferson School of Law's Online Graduate Programs in International Taxation and Financial Services. I am also a professor with the program and have taught dozens of courses online. I am excited to be involved in online education at the dawn of its creation and hope to assist in its advancement. You may view my profile at:
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