Flipping the Classroom Part 1

This certainly has all the buzz doesn’t it? I started flipping the online classroom in 2009, and saw its many advantages. For those who aren’t fully aware, the basic concept is “lectures” are recorded for students to view before entering the live session where the live session is problem-based (many options actually, but I usually do problem-based). The advantage is that the students can come and apply their learning in the classroom with the professor guiding the understanding process. Disadvantage, is if students have not viewed the materials they will be clueless in the live session. Usually I literally just tell students to leave and watch the recorded lectures and then view the recording of the live session later.

If done properly, this can be a VERY effective way to teach tax (and many other topics for that matter). The heart of taxation is client scenarios and examplesa and problem solving, and this really enables the course to get right into the meat of the issues that truly make a difference. This frees us up to do the socratic method for cases, or set up a series of hypotheticals, or give a client-scenario in advance and then go over it in the live session. All very interactive, all keeping students awake and engaged and active-learning (hopefully!).

About onlinetaxprof

My name is Jason Fiske and I am the Program Director of Thomas Jefferson School of Law's Online Graduate Programs in International Taxation and Financial Services. I am also a professor with the program and have taught dozens of courses online. I am excited to be involved in online education at the dawn of its creation and hope to assist in its advancement. You may view my profile at: http://www.tjsl.edu/directory/jason-fiske
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