Flipping the Classroom Part 2

In my last post I discussed some basics surrounding flipping the classroom, but now I want to dive a little deeper into something more advanced that some do very well, others partially do, and some not at all. Associate Dean William Byrnes and I developed this together for the way we use it in our program.

The problem: Simply recording lectures online lectures online and posting is a great way to lose students’ focus and bore them out of their minds. As discussed in a previous post, learners (not just online learners) need an alteration every several minutes from learning delivery mechanisms. What we do is create “study guides.” I do them for my courses with some help, and I am also amazed at what other professors make in our program. There is one study guide per week, each one starts with a concept map of the entire courses with the parts covered in the current week highlighted. It then breaks topics into section and subsections. Essentially, read 5 pages-watch a 5 minute video, answer a couple of questions. Read 5 pages, watch a 5 minute video, answer a couple questions. It also includes many links in relevant places with extra and supplemental material.

This style has had great success for us, and I believe really enhances student learning.

About onlinetaxprof

My name is Jason Fiske and I am the Program Director of Thomas Jefferson School of Law's Online Graduate Programs in International Taxation and Financial Services. I am also a professor with the program and have taught dozens of courses online. I am excited to be involved in online education at the dawn of its creation and hope to assist in its advancement. You may view my profile at: http://www.tjsl.edu/directory/jason-fiske
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